Dr. Amit Gupta

MD, Radiology

MBA, ISB Hyderabad

After finishing his doctoral program and practice for few years, he began his entrepreneurial journey by acquiring Imaging centre on personal debt and turning its operation around with business and marketing accumen. He also launched B2B lab business which he spread over 40 cities of Gujarat and Rajasthan, and sold it to sterling group before founding Airmed Labs.

Dr. Aradhana Gupta

MD, Pathology

Pathologist & Co-Founder, leads laboratory operations and has championed in establishing processes and protocols for ensuring highest quality in sample processing. She has also designed special health packages and Swasthya Profiles from her years of experience and emphasizes the need to move from cure to prevention and importance of wellness packages and regular checkups and how Airmed wishes to change the attitude of Indian Customer.

Piyush Gupta

B. Tech, Gujarat University

MBA, EDI Gandhinagar

Techie and Co-Founder, entrepreneur from field of e-commerce, brings in the expertise required in managing logistics and technology, which according to him are the biggest challenges in healthcare. With his previous experiences of scaling up e-commerce businesses to upto 20X, he is confident that Airmed will be most reliable, convenient, painless and a fastest form of Pathology Services in India.

Nayan Goyal

B. Tech, Bits Pilani

MBA, IIM Calcutta

He helps Airmed with strategy and further streamline their fundraising activities. Nayan has worked with startups previously in Healthcare Sector before joining IIM Calcutta and now is currently managing investor relations at AirmedLabs.